I have started to post assignments on Google Classroom.  As of Feb. 12 there will no longer be posts on this site.  To access Google Classroom you must accept the invite you received in your email. Thank you.

When you have extra time please log into my blog and try to do some of the blog posts that you missed.

It is important for you to get credit for doing the blog assignments. You Must DO the activity before you fill out the form , Please.  If you have time you should try to do some of the past assignments on this blog whenever possible. Doing 1 a day is perfect if you can.

Ms. Hood

Let's Move 6- Muscles


These are the main muscles in our bodies that we will be studying and referring to this year.

Study this chart and think about different exercises that will make each muscle stronger. To do the assignment below, you will need to know where each of these muscles are in your body. It will be helpful if you draw yourself a picture of the body and label the muscles for yourself.

Click on your classroom number to find your assignment.  It is worth 25 points.

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Get the Beat!

 Feb. 8, 2021

Hi Chief Taylor Students, today we will be trying to get the beat!

This is a 15 minute dance workout. It uses dance steps from various dance styles.  Try your best and don't worry if you can not get the steps as fast as they are doing them on the video.  Use the pause button on the video and practice and then join in again OR just keep moving and trying your best you'll get it! 

Try this video at least once or twice more this week.  See if you can get better at the new dance steps introduced.  Enjoy moving to the beat

If you paused the video a lot you may want to start again from the beginning and see how well you do the second time.

Here is another fun dance to try. In this dance you are going to get a little funky 😎 Hope you enjoy doing it!

Again try to do this dance video at least 2 or 3 times this week.  Hope you enjoyed getting the beat and being funky.  Now please complete the form below to get credit for dancing to these 2 videos. Remember to click submit when you are finished.

Have a great day!

Dance and have fun!!

 Feb. 1to Feb. 5, 2021

Hi Chief Taylor Students! This week you will be breaking out the moves.  That's right....going to get some exercise by dancing and having fun.  I will put on a few dance videos for you to follow then I would like you to play some of your favorite music and break out your own dance moves.  Dance in your room or all around the house.  It's your choice just move to the music and have fun with it.

WARM UP! This is a little dance combined with a few yoga moves.

Now that you are warmed up here are a few dances to try.  Feel free to try them more then once, pause them or rewind them if you need to try it again..

First up you will learn the steps to the Cupid Shuffle and then I will put the Cupid shuffle music video that you can dance to.

Learn the steps to the Cupid shuffle...

Music video for the Cupid Shuffle (optional)

Next up, Cha cha Slide....listen carefully to the voice he will tell you what to do!

Last dance video Cotton Eye Joe.  This is a line dance.  The dance steps repeat over and over again.  Once you get the steps you will be able to dance the whole song.  Take your time pause the video when necessary.  Challenge yourself and have fun.

Please complete the form below and then I want you to put on a song or two and try your own moves. Try these videos a couple of times this week Or just turn on your own music and dance for 20 to 30 minutes each day!. Remember to click on Submit before you leave to try your own dances.

Yoga 3

Jan. 25 to Jan. 29th, 2021

Hi Chief Taylor Students!

We will try another Yoga lesson today.  Now that we have more than one lesson in yoga for the rest of the week you can decide if you want to do this lesson 2 or 3 times this week or if you would like to do a different yoga lesson each day.  If you decide to do one of the lessons we did already you should be able to find it under the Yoga tab.  Enjoy your Yoga lesson for today.  Make sure you have some space and someplace quiet so you can get the most out of this Yoga experience! 

Yoga Warm up!

Yoga lesson for the day :)  ENJOY.... Please complete the form below after your lesson today to receive marks in Physical Education.

Remember to click on the Submit button when you have answered all the questions.

Have a great week and remember to try to do yoga at least 2 more times this week.

Contact Ms. Hood

 If you need to contact Ms. Hood you can either call Chief Taylor School at 306-344-4530 OR you can email Ms. Hood at

Please contact me if you have any questions or need some help with something. I am working from home presently so please email me if you have any questions.

Yoga 2

 Jan. 18 to Jan. 22, 2021

Good Day Chief Taylor Students!   Here is another Yoga workout for you....hope you enjoyed last weeks yoga. You can do this workout 2 or 3 times this week or you can choose something else from the yoga or kids work out tabs.  Remember to do the Warm up and also to complete the form after your Yoga workout!

Warm Up!

Yoga Work out!

Please complete this form so you can receive marks for doing this assignment!  Remember to click the submit button once you have answered all the questions.